Art residency and grants for international artists IONION CENTER FOR THE ARTS AND CULTURE in Greece

The Ionion Center for the Arts &Culture proudly if offering art residencies and art grants for international artists.

Projects of innovation are encouraged through the paths of Higher Education, Arts, Sciences , Research.

Higher Education Institutions, Artists, Scientists, Researchers with personal or group projects are encouraged to participate by submitting proposals: Master classes, thematic workshops, study abroad programs, field studies, summer schools, exhibitions, presentations, festivals, conferences.(Exhibition halls, educational and conference venues are available. All the academic programs will be grant’s connected).

Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

1▪ SEA(S)INFINITES /SEA(S)ARTS International 2022
2▪ Sustainable Horizons & Toxic Environments
3▪ TIMELESS LIGHT Open to Sciences, Arts, Technology and Philosophy
4▪ Working for the Community
5▪ Exploration, Research and Art Performances based on the Ancient, Byzantine,Meta-Byzantine and Medieval Kefalonian Monuments
6▪ Academic Research, Arts and Educational processes: Geology, Anthropology,Paleoanthropology
7▪ Sea Sports Exploration & Sea Environment Research
8▪ Global Musician
8▪ Literature and Poetry
9▪ Ancient Greek Philosophy


• Economic, geopolitical, social transformations, migration, fast changing multicultural societies, high demands of industry and work rights, arts and design in production and markets, social involvement.

• Sciences and Arts in conjunction with advanced technologies, social consciousness, past, present and future.

• Climate change, toxic environments, continents, seas, oceans, sustainable planet.

Our Academic Team will be pleased to support the projects offering professional space for creation, academic connectivity and intercultural understanding. Submissions are open.




The grants-awards policy of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is based on the value, innovation, international focus, and long-term impact of the projects.

Grants connected to the residency program: Starting from 1000 up to 20.000euro per year, open to submissions.

Grants connected to the SEA(S) FORUM: Starting from 2000 up to 20.000euro per year, open to submissions.

Grants connected to academic research and innovation from 2000 up to 30.000euro per year, open to submissions.





Duration of residency

from 2 weeks to 3 months(for more info:


Accomodation options are depend on the application and personal needs (shared or personal room or apartment, private villa etc)(for more info:

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

All disciplines are welcome
Theater and Exhibition Hall  fully equipped with professional lighting, projection, sound   systems are available as well   technical,  support upon request.(for more info:
Studios and class rooms equipped for education and art creation are available

Studio / Workspace

A variety of spaces is available depend  on what the academic institution or the artists need .(for more info:

Fees and support

Depends on the type of the  project (normal residency , master class, academic program or other)(for more info:

Expectations towards the artist

Depend on the specific project (for more info:

Application information

Every program has its specific details and artists are provided detailed info upon request after their  application(for more info:

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