Art residency in colombia, Fundación ArteSumapaz program

Announcing artist residencies designed for the reopening of Colombia; for visual artists, musicians, writers, architects, clay artists, performers, and other makers.

We’re not quite out of the woods on the COVID epidemic, but international travel has been reopening all around the world. Back in March ‘20, we went into lockdown with 13 artists and learned a lot in the process. Since then, we’ve hosted another dozen or so artists with extra precautions to keep everyone safe, yet maximize the artist’s experience. We believe that a key part of the AIR experience is the commensality – those wonderful conversations we have while sharing a glass of wine and a good meal, along with the freedom to focus on your work.

Residency length: Two months (June-July).
Fees: The fee per artist is $775 US per month which includes all meals, private room and bathroom, and studio space. Artists are responsible for their own materials and transportation to and from ArteSumapaz. We have a special car and driver available for pickups from El Dorado Airport in Bogotá for about $85US.
Duration of residency: 1-2 months. We recommend taking a residency longer than 1 month so you can have enough time to get used to the space, connect with other artists, and create. One month residency is also available.

Contact Information:
Ric Dragon:


Duration of residency

1-2 months -June-July-


Private room with bathroom and desk 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
  • Clay & kiln
  • Charcoal (Rustic but functional for drawing)
  • Printing Press 
  • Bookbinding tools
  • Drawing benches
  • Aerial silks
Studio / Workspace

Various types of studios are available (Music studio, fine arts, dance, writing, and sculpture). Shared and private, depending on availability  

Fees and support

775 USD per month No feed for application. Includes 3 vegetarian meals per day and open coffee-tea bar 24/7

Expectations towards the artist

We often encourage the artist to participate in Open Onces/Open Crit. It’s 100% voluntaryHelp with cleaning your dishes after each mealBeing an active part of the recycling process (Fill plastic bottles with the plastic you consume), in this way we all work in the awareness of plastic consumption

Application information

Artist in residence link:

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