Art residency in Kenya for international artists

We have always been deeply inspired by nature, art, and beauty.  This is a special part of the world; perfect for artistic connection and creativity.

The farm allows us to luxuriate in the sound of hyena at night, the long views, and to reflect on the objects of art from our travels, and to linger over a meaningful conversation with one of our guests. And in this context, the farm seems to have been a magnate over the years for attracting the attention of some amazing artists who have brought their imagination and creativity to our little paradise. We have been profoundly enriched by these experiences.

The Olepangi Artist-in-Residence Programme is designed to create a space where people and communities come together to share and learn; and for the artist, to create an exceptional experience for those seeking the time and mental space to investigate new ideas and deepen artistic inquiry.  Our aperture on the definition of art is wide.  We are open to thinkers and creatives and will consider anyone with deep interest and already well-developed skill in visual arts, writing, culinary arts, composers, musicians, scholars, filmmakers, architects and more.

About the Artist-in-Residence Programme

The programs are a minimum of 6 weeks and up to 18 weeks. We expect artists to engage in at least one community activity/project to be defined and agreed at the beginning of the residency. This might include a series of talks or engagement in art with one of the local schools we support or short apprenticeships with local people in the area. The options are endless. 

All daily meals are cooked and served in our beautiful, small lodge by our amazing kitchen team. The food is stunning; fresh, organic and healthy. With this mind, we ask that artists engage with guests during at least one meal a day by sharing aspects of their work and contributing to stimulating conversation. This is typically not an issue as the lodge tends to attract some of the most interesting people from all over the world.

All other times are completely free.

Accommodation for artists and partners is in semi-permanent tents with adjoining bathrooms and solar hot-water heated showers.  There is currently no power or internet in the tents. The farm is completely off-grid but there is reliable power and internet connectivity in the communal spaces.

Your private tent will be cleaned at least once a week.  Linens are provided.  Laundry is done weekly

Duration of residencies

6, 12 or 18 weeks

Number of artists resident at one time

No more than 2

Adult companions are welcome 

Grants available

We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding in their home country/institution, by providing letters of recommendation when the candidature is accepted.

Expenses paid by artist

  • Travel
  • Visa
  • Activities off the farm
  • Some activities on the farm have fees, e.g., massages, horse riding and walks with Mr Kariuki
  • $350 per person per week
  • Any alcohol consumed

Expectations of the artist

Community project to be agreed at the beginning of your placement

Daily interaction with farm guests, including mealtimes with guests talking about your craft

Leave behind some sort of legacy to be agreed (e.g., a painting, song, poem, set of photographs)

At least one blog of your time and reflections at the farm to be published on our social media and to engage in social media (at least 3x per week tagging @olepangifarm)


By email to

Selection procedure

By owners and directors of Olepangi

Available resources

  • Artists perch overlooking the valley with table and chair
  • Library

Art residency Link

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