Call for artists

Art House Galley is accepting artworks submissions to be published in our gallery for artists worldwide. Art house gallery is a big house full of artists artworks and open for visitors worldwide. Work of art is welcomed to be published in our gallery and have the opportunity to reach an international community of artist and scholars worldwide. Submissions are subject to a selection and need to meet multiple requirements. 

There are three categories for our contest:

-Drawing, this includes any type of drawing using any drawing mediums, you submit two drawings per contest.

-sculpture, you can send your sculpture, this includes using any material or method, you can send a photos of your sculpture from different angles.

-3D work of art using different software Autocad, Solidworks, Adobe.

The gallery encourages the following mediums but not limited to: 

Medium: Acrylic, Sharpie Oil Paint, Glitter Spray, Pastel on paper, mixed, Acrylic, painted wood, varnish, lim wood, Watercolor pencil, pastel on paper, ink, threads on canvas, Oil, Graphite stick, pencil on paper, Recycled Bubble Wrap, Tissue,  Paper Bags, Acrylic on FOREX, Charcoal on rives paper, Vinyl foil, Acrylic on Canvas, glazed porcelain, Marker and Highlighter, Foam and Acrylic, clay.

Themes: Skies, Botanicals, Animals, Texture and Patterns, Nature, City, Portrait, Abstract, Seasons, Colors, Landscapes, Black and white, Faces, Painting and photography, Life on earth, Contemporary, Trees and Fields, Weather, Skies, water, 

Submission are open during the year


Please read carefully the guidelines before submitting your original artwork.

-Artists have to submit their original artwork.

-there is no limit of age for applicants.

-Artwork containing scenes of explicit violence and gore will be desk rejected.

-submission are subject to a non refundable fees (submission fees are symbolic and aim to cover platform management).

-There is no limit of drawings submitted per contest.

-submitted artwork should be high definition, remove any background before submission.

-JPG format are accepted.

– submission size is up to 1.5 Mo.

-Art house gallery provide you the opportunity to reach potential buyers.

-Artist should provide a short biography, website or email.

-Artist should provide a complete description of their art work.

Submission fees:

Submitting your work is subject to a submission fee 15$ per submitted artwork, if you submit two artworks submission fee is 30$ and so on, once you fill the submission form you will be redirected to finish submission fees paiement you can pay through Paypal or credit card.

Selection rules

Submissions are subject to evaluation based on creativity, used medium, originality and quality of work. We believe that each piece of art has a value we rely on our reviewers expertise to better judge the quality of submitted works.


Selected artworks will be featured in our website and our instagram page for better visibility of their accomplishment. All accepted works will be displayed in our website, with artist name, bio, email, website, and a full description of their work.

Usage rights:

Before submitting your work to accept the agreement between the artist and the Art house online gallery.

– Art House Gallery online will use your photos only for promotional purpose on our website and our social media channels.

– Participants permit Art House Gallery to store select piece of work as part of present or old expo. This will be available for public viewing on our website ( –

-Chosen works will list artist name, name of work and a link back to their website or email address if they do not have a website.

– Artist shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to Art Room Gallery. – Images will not be resold, exchanged or copied from this site.

-Decision in three workings days.

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    This Agreement defines terms and conditions beetween artist and Art House Gallery. Before submit your application and taking part in the contest all artists who want to participate for any competion on our website must agree to the following:

    - Provided images will be only used for marketing, promotional, and display purposes for any competition on our website.
    - The participant artist agrees to allow Art House Gallery to archive chosen artwork as part of past exhibitions contest. This will be available for public viewing on our website.
    - Selected works will include artist name, title of work and a link back to their website or email adress if they do not have a website.
    - Copyrights of any image if for the artist and not Art House Gallery .
    - Images will not be resold, exchanged, copied from this site.

    Many people read our art newsletter ; you should too!