Art residence inJapan

We are looking for users of Artist-in-Residence facilities in Kyoto after March 2021.

We have 2 traditional Japanese houses as Artist in residence facilities.

one of that, it’s Metoropolitan Fukujusou for the residence house for an artists.
This house is a traditional kyo-machiya, that is an over 150 years historical building, which Kyoto city government has certificated.

The other, it’s Studio Tsukimisou for working studio for an artists.
This house has 6 rooms and bamboo garden, so we are open to a local artists too as a working studio, a gallery, a work shop place etc.

The 2 old house were built in a time when Japan was not rich yet, so the inside structure is simple and minimal.
Some artists who stayed here gave me a review that they felt something like Zen by being in this simple and minimal space, this simple lifestyle.
Also It’s seemed to become comfortable and refresh after they got used to it.
So they seems to find the pure beauty in it and to be able to have new inspirations.
(It’s never convenient and not comfortable in usually life than modern lifestyle, but,)

Such an experience is just one example, but it would be pleasure if you can experience the Japanese traditional life which is being lost little by little even Kyoto now and feel something from them.

We are holding an exhibition or an open studio every 2 month of the finaly week-end by any residence artists at Studio Tsukimisou on free.
Please join it.(Of course, it’s ok to choice for join or not.)

About the studio for musicians (or Dancers etc…).
Our facilities are difficalt to make sounds for play a instrument.
The facilities that can make sounds will be close from here (5~10min by walk), and it’s managing by Kyoto prefecture, so it’s very low price at 300 yen per hour. And it can be booked from before 3 months in advance, but cannot be canceled after booked.Please consult with us freely about this booking.

Also, this facillty is located in a cultural area (inside 5min by walk) with 4 Art Museums (Kyoto National Museums, City Museums and the Annex, Hosomi-Museums, Kansai Bijutsu-in (, Kyoto Prefectural Library, City  Theater (Rohm Theater), Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, Kanze hall (Noh theater), Zoo, Kyoto International Foundation.
Besides there are many scenic spots such as famous temples and shrines (inside 10min by walk).  You will be useful for a change of your pace and your mood.

We welcome people who can enjoy the experience of a different culture lifestyle.

Duration of residency

It’s from 1 month to 12 month and the contract is in each month installments.


Your residence facility is Japanese traditional house of Machiya.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Visual art, Sculpture, Printmaking, Textile Art, Literature, New Media, Photography, 
Please tell us freely beforehand if you need any tools, because we may can prepare a usual home use tool, it’s for example a sewing machine for home using.
We are holding an exhibition or an open studio every 2 month of the final week-end with our residence and our studio user of local artisit etc, so please join it (free).And the studio building has a gallery space, so you can use the space by free in the studio user if you hope. (Reservations required)
Our studio details :

Studio / Workspace

Your studio space has 4m x 4m and a closet of 1m x 2m and balcony side of the bamboo garden 1m x 4m.And a share space is same scale.It’s private space but your room divide is not wall, it’s a partition of Japanese traditional door, so it can be heared next room sound in easy.For a musicians (or Dancers)We can book a room with good sound isolation at other place (around 5~10min by foot).Please consult with me beforehand if you hope.

Fees and support

The Residence room (monthly)
In 1 person, 60,000 yen (※1) ~ 75,000 yen (※2)in adding 1 person, increasing 60%.※1: In around February or in stay long.(In room A; 65,000yen, B・C; 60,000yen.)※2: spring and autumn season.(In room A; 75,000yen, B・C; 70,000yen.)
The working studio (monthly)In additional fees, 15,000 yen if you hope to use the working studio.
For a sound studio.It’s managing by Kyoto prefecture, so it’s very low price at 300 yen per hour.

Expectations towards the artist

We respect your choice.

Application information

Please pay the cost on cash in your check-in.In first time for joining us case,May you show your passport, ID card and your HP or SNS which your works can be seen.It confirm the reservation after pay in bank transfer the deposit (10% or more).<!> The deposit will be the amount of Japanese Yen which we real receive after you have paid the transfer or rate fees of your country’s bank, not the amount you transferred.
Cancellation charge

  • After 48 hours from booking or after payment the deposit : 10%
  • 4 month from check-in : 25%
  • 3 month from check-in : 50%
  • 2 month from check-in : 75%
  • 1 month from check-in : 100%

※ It’s a large scale disasters case or is booked same schedule from others after your cancel: 10%


Application deadline


Residency starts


Residency ends




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