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With a greater array of materials available to artists than ever before, this is an exciting time in art history. The Golden Foundation Residency Program is specifically designed to assist the professional artist in discovering and exploring the many materials and technologies available today. Through the Golden Foundation, residents will have the unparalleled opportunity to work with dozens of unique materials and technologies.
In 2012 the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts opened its doors to a one-of a-kind artist residency for artists working in paint. In the beautiful rolling hills of central New York and just several hundred yards from the Golden Artist Colors manufacturing facility, a 19th century barn has been transformed into a 21st century artist residency, with large studio spaces and private residency apartments. Artists-in-residence will participate in a completely unique opportunity to explore the widest, most innovative range of materials and technology available today for professional artists working with paint.

Exploratory Residency Program

Our residencies are based on the exploration of innovative uses in waterborne materials and oil paint technology. Residents will discover materials that will challenge the way they think about paint. They will be introduced to materials that will open up new methods and new channels for expression and the creative process.

The Golden Foundation will be offering six Exploratory Residency Program sessions. Each session will last four weeks, with up to three artists per session.

Duration of residency

6 sessions per year each lasting 4 weeks.


The artist studios and living areas are situated inside an over 100 year old, reconstructed barn. Each artist has 24/7 access to their own studio space, private apartments, and shared kitchen/dining space. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Any artist can apply that is working in paint in some capacity. A full, unlimited supply of Golden Artist Colors’ paint materials including GOLDEN acrylics, Williamsburg handmade oil colors and QOR watercolors are included in the residency. Individual, open studio spaces, 3 separate apartments with their own bathroom and shared kitchen are available to artists during their residency. The Golden Foundation offers an array of tools and working equipment for each artist. Just bring your paint brushes and your toothbrush! 

Studio / Workspace

Each artist has access to their own studio space, separated by movable walls or separate floors. Each studio space is unique and the artists will choose their space based on need. Each studio space is equipped with a studio sink, tables, an easel, tools, and plenty of wall space for hanging work.  

Fees and support

The Golden Foundation a $250 refundable deposit to hold your spot once selected. Artists are responsible for their travel and food costs as well as any shipping needs. There are no additional fees. 

Expectations towards the artist

It is essential to the success of the Golden Foundation residency program that each artist commit to a level of transparency with their work in that we ask for artists to share their work in several ways. At the start of the program artists are asked to present their work to the Material and Application Specialists at Golden Artist Colors. This presentation helps to guide their time here at the Golden Foundation. During the 4 weeks the Golden Foundation provides 8-10 Technical Sessions focusing on material exploration. Near the end of the 4 session the local community is invited to an open studios event (on pause due to COVID pandemic). The Golden Foundation will also archive the work of each artist with photography and videography. Artists are asked but not required to donate a small work after their residency which helps to support artists attending in the future. The Golden Foundation also invites each artist to be a part of the Made in Paint group art show, showcasing the 18 artists of the previous year.  

Application information

The online application will open in June 2022 through SlideRoom. 

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