Art residency in France

DRAWinternational invites artists to take part in the art residency program.

Are you a fine artist, an applied artist, a musician or a writer who requires one to three months in an environment conducive to serious research and experimentation? DRAWinternational caters to creative people in pursuit of new and dynamic forms, in preparation for exhibition, publication, or postgraduate qualification.

DRAWinternational is a centre of research for postgraduate art and design education and professional practice at their home and studios based at 8 rue du chateau, 82160 Caylus, France.

DRAWinternational fosters artistic research to promote and reveal ideas within a contemporary context.

Drawing – features as an interface between theory and practice.

Research – to help locate a contextual framework.

Action – as a conscious and unconscious move toward meaning.

Workshops – the taught programme to experience creative potential. DRAWinternational offers international artists, teachers and students the opportunity to extend professional practice through cultural exchange.

Deadline: Open,

Duration: 1 to 3 months.

Country: France,

The centre DRAWinternational offers programmes for individuals or groups. Studio facilities, tuition, critique, lectures, conference opportunities, exhibition space, and cultural visits can be incorporated into programmes as requested. John and Grete host courses for professional artists, teachers and MA students designed to accommodate each particular group/individual to extend personal and curricular understanding. Please contact re proposals.


Artists are accommodated in self catering apartments with private rooms at our recently acquired building ” l’ancienne gendarmerie ” and also at the centre.

Catering: The centre provides weekday evening meals for all artists and uses fresh local produce in order to create delicious menus that incorporate regional specialities.

Studios: Artists are allocated individual studio spaces to suit particular project requirements both at the ” gendarmerie ” and at the centre.

The residency: Have you a particular interest in drawing or notation for itself or as it may relate to another representational medium?

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