Art residency in Amazon -Peru-Beyond Conservation

Beyond Conservation – Art & Science residency program in the Peruvian Amazon

Duration: 3 week art and science residency

Location: the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon.

Studio Verde in collaboration with ACEERAmazon Aid and Camino Verde are running Art and Science programmes in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon.

This AIR programme will encourage artists to examine the impact of humankind on the environment, explore ways in which we can rethink and rebuild our relationship with the natural world, and question social, economic and political issues that all tie into the web of the climate crisis.

Bringing international and local artists together in an immersive Art & Science program in the Peruvian Amazon provides participants an opportunity to form a deep understanding of the challenges of Indigenous communities and conservation practices faced in the Amazon rainforest.

At the end of the AIR, Artists offer the local community an opportunity to engage in their findings by planning and executing a public exhibition and/or Artist talk in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Artists are also encouraged to participate in talks and workshops that are held during the residency.

​Artists and scientists have long looked to nature for inspiration, and the subsequent innovations have led to great leaps forward in culture, society, and technology. Collaboration between the arts and sciences creates new knowledge, ideas, and methods beneficial to both fields. Artists are known to be creative problem solvers and are able to disseminate complex topics in an approachable way to a broad audience to help protect the Indigenous communities and the Amazon rainforest.

Resident artists will be introduced to the Camino Verde reforestation program its research, nursery, distillation & reforestation plots.

Other programs include:

Workshop on native stingless bees and native vanilla.

Lecture on agroforestry as regenerative design.

Hikes to giant kapok tree (lupuna) and wild native bee hives in forest

Night and day hikes- forest walk with the highly knowledgeable Don Froilan

Night boat drive- caiman spotting

Visit to Don Juan’s farm Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. Sep 7-10th
Orientation at the ACEER office.

Visit to Inferno Indigenous community

Duration of residency

3 week  residency. Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. 7-10thCamino Verde Reforestation Centre: 10-24thPuerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. 24-28th


Artists will be based in a remote reforestation centre in the Peruvian Amazon Basic shared accommodation Communal living space  

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Programme open to emerging and established artists, curators, and researchers across a wide range of artistic practices. 

Studio / Workspace

Communal Studio Space 

Fees and support

Fully funded art residency covered for Artists: Accommodation / lectures workshops/ local transportation /foodArtists are responsible for their own flights/ transport to Puerto Maldonado and heath insurance.

Expectations towards the artist

Artists are encouraged to participate in all lectures/workshops offered to the artists Artists are asked to participate in an exhibition in at the end of the residency programme in ACEER gallery in Puerto Maldonado 

Application information

Please complete Application form 

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