Artist: Stacy Nuñez; Artwork: A Camping Dream; Honor award; April 2021 edition.

Artist: Stacy Nuñez
Country: United States

Stacy Nuñez was born in Los Angeles California and raised in Mesa, Arizona. She is a current animation student at Arizona State University. She loves to put together Lego sets on weekends and uses that time to create stories in her head that later become 3D sculptures and environments.


I animate and illustrate digitally as well as create 3D environments. The round shapes and vibrant colors found in my work are inspired by the Saturday morning cartoons of my childhood. I enjoyed the look of those cartoons as they were bright and exciting. These shows were capable of delving into worlds and dimensions of fantasy while still having some semblance of reality, captivating the audience.  My work accomplishes the same effect, relating to my audience while also delving into fantasy.
Artwork: A Camping Dream
Medium: 3D Model, Autodesk Maya
Dimensions: 1920 X 1080 Pixels

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