Art residency in Spain, Espacio Lavadero

LAV is a program of artistic residencies within Espacio Lavadero, and was born as a support to the current artistic sector of international emerging contemporary art.

‘LAV Artist Residence’ is a project that aims to accommodate artistic creation in situ in the city of Granada, offering a space for creation and exhibition based on coexistence and community.

The residence is proposed as a laboratory for experimental creation, as an exhibition and informative place. A space where any creator feels comfortable, whether they are visual artists, musicians or writers.

LAV’s objective is to provide a place for creation and exhibition through activities of Espacio Lavadero, such as talks, presentations or exhibitions, where they can make their work known in the Spanish context.

Duration of residency

From one month to two months


Shared apartment

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

We are looking for: Visual Art, Sculpture, New Media, Curatorial, Education Programmes, Photography, Ceramics, Dance, Theatre, Printmaking, Performing Arts, Music, Literature.We have: Exhibition space, Dance/Theatre/Performance Space, Printmaking facilities.  

Studio / Workspace

Shared workspace with private workshops

Fees and support

850 / 1500 €

Expectations towards the artist

Workshop and exhibition

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