Art residency in Moroccan Sahara

Cafe Tissardmine is a situated in a remote village in the Moroccan Sahara. We recognise the need for artists to recharge, share ideas, be inspired and to find a place to breathe. We run 7 residencies per year for a maximum of nine artists with this idea in mind. The residency is not project based or requiring specific engagement or outcome but it is a place to find peace and new ideas. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply. As we are so remote we cannot offer internet access on a daily basis, but a walk up to “internet hill” or trip into town is possible to catch up on emails.
A Residency at Cafe Tissardmine is also an opportunity to discover the richness of the Berber culture; their way of life, cooking and crafts.
The cost of the residency covers full board, accommodation and some transportation.

Duration of residency

In general, we offer stays of three weeks but have also programmed in shorter residencies of two weeks. You must also factor in that it takes two days to get to us so your total trip would be nearing 4 weeks…


We have four adobe bedrooms around a central courtyard. All have en-suite bathrooms. We have recently upgraded our other accommodation, what used to be the camp is now five detached bamboo and adobe cabins built around a central garden. All have private bathrooms.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

All disciplines welcome. Occasionally we invite artists from a specific discipline but in general we prefer to have a mix of disciplines.You will need to bring everything you need to do your work with you. Shopping in our area is limited…no artist supplies, print cartridges, film or even much paper! There are better supplies in Marrakech and Fes…if you have special requirements and not sure where to get them, email me and we can advise! We do our best to assist you in realising your project. We have in the past made a pottery wheel, built a kiln and created art works with artisans in town. Everything is possible, nothing is certain

Studio / Workspace

We have one large studio (9m x 6m) with a small lounge attached. There are other spaces available for other work such as writing. Each room also has a desk. The garden is laid out so that there are plenty of nooks to nestle and hide in…

Fees and support

A three week  residency costs 9,000 MAD (approximately 850 Euro). We are happy to provide a letter of support if you are applying for funding assistance.

Expectations towards the artist

It is your time, your project. You need to be self motivated and resourceful. We  encourage engagement with the village community, even if that just means having a cup of tea with them.

Application information

To apply send us your CV, short biography, examples of your work and most importantly a statement no longer than one A4 page about why you want to come to Cafe Tissardmine and what you hope to achieve from your time here.
Selection process Selection by the director is primarily based not on your art but the reasons you wish to come here and your understanding of the place you are coming to. Priority is given to those artists who commit to the full three weeks. We try to be prompt with replying – and sometimes more dialogue is required before we can accept your application. The process is personal, it takes time but we try to accept within the month

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