Art residency in Portugal, mono Lisboa program

The residency at mono welcomes applications from artists in a variety of media for a duration of two months.

The residency programme is also open to researchers and curators, as well as practitioners working with performing arts, sound, material research/craft, and film.

The programme’s goal is to provide time and space for residents to focus, and through exchange, gain insight, broaden, and diversify their outlook.

mono is collaborating with local cultural institutions and offers the possibility to organise presentations and engage with the local scene by conducting artist talks or workshops at mono or other locations.

Each residency will end with an exhibition or open studio inside the residency space.

The team at mono is here to provide support, resources and guidance to the residents.

Duration of residency

2 months


mono is located at rua feio terenas, 31a in the center of Lisbon.The space can accommodate up to two persons.The residency is close to grocery stores, restaurants, and to public transport station.The residency consists of a duplex apartment/studio of 160m2 including:

• two private double rooms with their own bathroom,

• a shared studio space of 90m2,

• a shared kitchen and living room,

• a shared project room,

• access to the exhibition room and technical workshops.

Pets are not allowed.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

We welcome Visual Art, Sculpture, Performing Arts, New Media and Photography artists.We offer Exhibition space, Library/research resources, Welding tools, Woodworking tools, Metalworking tools, Technical assistance and Networking.

Studio / Workspace

shared workspace, but as it is a two floor apartment, arrangements can be made if privacy is needed.

Fees and support


Expectations towards the artist

Artists are expected to participate in a residents exhibition ate the end of the residency.

Application information

Applicants are invited to stay for 2 months in the following dates:
• winter session 2023: from the 09/01/2023 to the 09/03/2023

Application deadline is the 1st of June 2022.
Please read carefully the open call document.

How to apply?
Please provide the following:
– fill the application form,
– a cv (max 2 A4 pages),
– a cover letter presenting you and your work (max 500words),
– a statement outlining your residency project, your motivation,
– what do you expect from the residency and what you hope to achieve (500 word max),
– a portfolio with a selection of 3/5 relevant projects.
Prepare one single (title: ‘Full Name_ wintersession2023’, size limit: 9MB) .pdf file, with items in the above order and submit your application via email to:

Art residency link:

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