Best Art contest in United Kingdom

There are multiple art Contests in The United Kingdom. This art contests are a great opportunity for artists to disseminate their artworks. United Kingdom has been for long the land of art and artists; making these art contests a great opportunity to remove the dust from their artwork and to take it to the light. The art contests present in this posts are organised by the following organisation:

Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) , Wells Cathedral, England and Wales.

-The Alpine fellowship, London, England.

-Sunny Art centre, London, England.

-Aesthetica, Yorkn, England.

1-Visual art contest in United Kingdom– Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) 

Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) is an international competition giving artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in Wells Cathedral, win a wide range of prizes, and be selected by distinguished judges. The competition is open to all artists over the age of 18, working around the world in all mediums and styles.

2-Visual art contest in United Kingdom

Alpine Fellowship is a charitable foundation that supports, commissions and showcases artists, writers, academics and playwrights at all stages of their careers. They are committed to discovering emerging talent, to disseminating new ideas and to sharing thoughts about art, literature and philosophy. The Alpine fellowship organises an annual gathering of artists, philosophers, writers and academics at which we encourage like-minded individuals to share expertise and knowledge with those from a diverse array of creative and intellectual professions.

3-Art contest in Sunny Art Centre, London 2022

The Sunny Art Prize is sponsored by Art Council England and has established itself as one of the UK’s most prestigious international art competitions. The scope of this contemporary art prize is about sourcing the most talented artists from all over the world, both established and emerging, who produce ground-breaking and innovative artworks. We select artists who work with a wide range of media, making the art prize a varied and stimulating global platform to engage with critical contemporary issues and topics. The art competition is open to everyone, regardless of location or preferred medium and theme.

4-Art Contest in United Kingdom Aesthetica 2022

The Aesthetica Art Prize was launched in 2007, five years after the launch of Aesthetica Magazine, as a way to support the next generation of talent across new visual media. It welcomed both established and emerging practitioners to submit pieces on any theme, celebrating innovative works from a range of media. These works were published in the Creative Works Annual.

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