JTR open positions for artists worldwide

JTR needs registrars and collections managers for art and artifact collections of all levels of experience to serve as contractors.

  • Full-time independent professionals
  • Part-time independent professionals
  • Are you between jobs?
  • Are you employed but willing to take on contract work?

Why Work With Us?

  1. Immediate payment upon invoice approval
  2. JTR brings work to you
  3. JTR handles the invoicing and administration
  4. Non-exclusive: keep your existing clients
  5. Set your own rate

We screen all professionals in our network to ensure that they have presented legitimate credentials and will act in a trustworthy manner. This allows our clients, their insurers, and JTR to confidently hire you in an industry defined by trust.

The screening process involves an online reference check and video chat conversation. It is free.

Contractors requirements:

  1. LinkedIn profile, website, or other online portal to demonstrate competencies and specialties (JTR can help)
  2. General liability insurance policy (JTR can help you get it)
  3. Ability to take credit card payments (Paypal or Stripe)
  4. Three references to verify your abilities (to complete the screening)

Signing up is non-exclusive, so keep your existing clients. JTR pursues additional work and clients for our affiliated freelancers primarily through industry partnerships.

Contractors set their own rates and JTR adds a premium to the rate. The premium includes the cost of administration, insurance, payment platform fees, and reference checking.

In the end, JTR finds work, handles the project administration, and allows the contractor to just do the work.

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