Organon contemporaneous magazine – edition #1

Many of those among us diverge along paths that fit in different musical areas. My intention is to create a monthly magazine. Where reasons can be added to describe our compositional processes as a way of setting and leaving a mark for future societies. The publication will be generated taking into account image quality standards (project logo), providing an online link for the magazine readers to have access to your music. Each project will have the opportunity to obtain 2 pages of publication in this magazine. 25 being the maximum number of projects we accept for each monthly magazine.

All files are welcome but only someone it is selected, but if you haven’t been successful, please bear in mind that there is only enough time, space and money for us to program about 10% of the submissions we receive. If we cant program you this year, it doesnt necessarily mean that your music isnt good enough, it is inappropriate or that we dont like it.
 It’s the invaluable contribution from our talented, varied and evolving experimental and avant-garde’community that makes the organon contemporaneous program so special. If you don’t be selected please stay in touch, because we have other editions!Prizes Details: 

The images that you select for describe your process/project should be with dimension 3000×3000 pixels in format JPEG.

The sound files that you select for describe your process/project should be in format MP3.

The your articles must not exceed the 666 words.Deadline: 09/24/2021

Entry Fee:

  • Yes

Fee Detail: 50€How to Apply: 

please, send me a email for organon [dot] contemporaneous [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will be answer with the steps at follow.Contact Information: 

organon.contemporaneous@gmail.comWeb Link:

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