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Islamic decoration chandelier: The link between art and architecture is a very important topic because art is an essential part of architecture and vice versa. Which was known in this way, and some people link it mainly with the requirements of Islamic identity, and this was a major role in linking this design to the region and Islamic architecture. design idea

Due to the need to delve into the originality of the architectural elements and the Islamic architectural identity, many people believe that adding an architectural element within the design of its facade is a distinction for Islamic architecture, and that is contrary to the spirit of Islamic architecture, which some see in the possibility of the existence of ideological sides we seek to dismantle this architectural element (But it may be excluded). Indeed, there are basic untouchable elements of Islamic architecture, but there are methods that can revive this heritage with an artistic framework acceptable to the architectural critic who is a connoisseur of Islamic architecture and Islamic art, as well as to the public.

The idea began by working on developing a chandelier for an internal artistic architectural element used for museums and to be displayed in an artistic capacity, and we took within the design elements the desire to interact with Islamic elements

• Islamic geometric decoration: we took the basic form of Islamic geometric decoration, which is the basis of ceiling lines.

• The colors, we took the colors mentioned in the Holy Qur’an only, which are white, black, green, yellow and red, and these colors are only mentioned in the Holy Qur’an

• Studying the vibrations of the sound of the call to prayer: The Islamic call to prayer is not just phrases! It contains scientific miracles and sound vibrations. We made these effects on the movement of ascent and descent

• Merging: A combination of the call to prayer + the number of letters and words of the call to prayer in phonemic scales + the colors mentioned in the Qur’an

It is a work of art related to the human conscience 5D that will interact with 6 human axes, for us to know the amount of positive energy produced by this Islamic art form and the extent of artistic interaction with it. It is a processor of lengths, geometric movements, and volume adjustments mixed with the colors mentioned in the Qur’an scenography When coexisting with this design, it will generate for you many picturesque inspirations. The human mind will try to read all these data that herald the stages of a high-quality architectural assembly and the data as to the effect of the sound of the call to prayer interacts with the colors in the Qur’an with the volume of the sound

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