Raku pottery – the heart of Japanese tea art

Art is everywhere in every small detail of our life. This is due mainly to our qualities as human beings. We enjoy the beauty and we like always to better our life, ‘enjoy it and have a better life experience’. Drinking tea in some countries is an art that requires attention, spending more time, and an enjoyable experience full of entertainment.

Raku Pottery is an example of a company that started very early in 1589 in producing tea bowls but not any tea bowls, each tea bowl is a piece of art making it a unique company in its field.

Does it really matters:

Is drinking tea in a normal cup or in a Raku tea bowl is different?  Of course, when drinking tea in a normal cup you will not have the same experience. Raku tea bowls are made from different materials like clay to preserve the tea, to keep the taste while drinking it, and also are healthier than other materials. This technique is unique, the family uses its knowledge of more than 450 years. When you drink in clay according to science it has multiple benefits, it absorbs toxins or other unwanted metals, moreover, clay contains multiple minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, which will provide extra benefit.

Drinking tea while admiring a piece of art:

Drinking tea is part of the culture of many countries, for example, in the United kingdom drinking tea is part of their culture usually they mix it with milk. Many old colonies of the United Kingdom took this habit, for example, India or Pakistan making it part of their culture as well. Also, in Many Asian countries drinking tea is part of the culture for example in Japan, China, or South Korea. People spend more time drinking tea and is part of their ceremonies or daily habits as a relaxation mean.

Raku Pottery is conscious about this since long and provides hand-made tea bawl. Not only that, but they also use the glazing technique to make a full piece of art on the tea bowl, making each tea bowl a unique piece of art. Sometimes some bawls are sold very expensively due to their value.

Japanese people know the value of each cup they buy, they keep it at home for decoration or to show that this bowl has been used by one of their family members, to show the family value, So the cup keeps its value years after.

Good to try?

If you are not Japanese or not a big fan of drinking tea, buying a Raku tea bowl is worth it? These are really beautiful and can serve as a decoration piece at home. You can buy a full set of different texture and put in the dining room, and why not use when you have a guest fun of tea.

To conclude, drinking tea in many countries is an art that requires time and preparation. Raku pottery went a bit further and make each teacup or tea bowl a full piece of art.

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