Artist residency in Spain, Faberllull program

ViceVersa is a program for international training of literary translators launched in 2010 by the German Translator Fund and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and funded by the German Foreign Office. It enables the realization of bilingual translators’ workshops with participants of a specific language pair, always including German.

Over 70 workshops in 30 different German-foreign language constellations have been funded with many international partners – a strong impetus for the international translator scene and an indispensable forum for the discussion and further development of quality standards in literary translation.

In partnership with Institut Ramon Llull, both institutions have worked together to offer the first workshop with German and Catalan. So, next September will take place in Residency FaberLlull Olot a Literary Translation Seminar for literary translators from German to Catalan and from Catalan to German. The multi-day workshops create an ideal discussion space for the intricacies of literary translation. Participants receive qualified feedback on their own work and establish working relationships with colleagues from the countries of the language from which they translate.

Duration of residency

23-30 September 2022


 A seven-night stay at the Faberllull residence in Olot on half-board.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The seminar will be attended by five translators from Catalan to German and five translators from German to Catalan. Participants of all literary genres, with experience in publishing.
The texts presented by the 10 participants will be discussed in groups during six working days in Olot. The program will also include thematic sessions related to various aspects of translation and the publishing world, and a final activity in collaboration with the Goethe Institut in Barcelona.
Organization and coordination of the workshop: Kirsten Brandt and Ramon Farrés.

Fees and support

The organizing institutions will cover the corresponding travel expenses of all participants.

Expectations towards the artist

What do I commit to by applying?

  • Full availability every day of the residential course.
  • Commitment to the project submitted and participation in programmed activities.
Application information

Please send applications to (concept: ViceVersa translation seminar)

  • Brief biography including a list of translations / publications. Postal address must be included (maximum 1 page).
  • Approximately 5 pages of the translation to be analyzed during the workshop (double line spacing, wide margins for annotations, line numbering). This translation must be an excerpt from an unpublished translation or an excerpt from a translation project.
  • Corresponding pages of the original (if possible, also with line numbering).
  • Brief presentation of the work and the author, as well as the difficulties of translation (maximum 1 page).

The information must be sent in separate files (.doc, .docx or .pdf format).
More information:
Deutscher Übersetzerfonds
Anna Schlossbauer
Institut Ramon Llull
Neus Crisol Milian

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