Top 5 Art residency in Spain

Looking for an art residency is a good idea; and looking for an art residency in Spain is even better. There are multiple art residency programs available for artists worldwide in Spain. Spain is the land of art and taking part in one of these art residencies will offer you inspiration to be more creative. It also offers you to network with other artists.

1-Art residency in Spain -Nectar art residency

First, Netcar Nectar is a non-profit cultural organization located in the Pre-Pyrenees in Spain. It offers artists taking part in the art residency the opportunity to network and work on their projects. The house is located in forest far away designed to have the state of mind to focus on your work.

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2- Art residency in Spain for international artists-Isla de Crear

Located in Andalusia Isla de Crear is devoted to give support to artist willing to spend time working on their art projects in Andalusia in Spain a place where art saw a lot of development during Andalous era.

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3-Art residency in Spain in Canari island

This art residency is a bit specific and not designed to any artist. Artists taking part in this art residency should have interest in Electro-etching. Electroetching is a metal etching process that involves the use of a solution of an electrolyte, an anode, and a cathode. The metal piece to be etched is connected to the positive pole of a source of direct electric current. This art residency is located in the beautifull Cannari island of Spain.

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4-Art residency in Spain Joya program

Joya: AiR is a not for profit arts residency in Spain developed by artists for artists of every conceivable discipline. This art residency combines art, ecology and sustainable living practice. All Artists from different disciplines are welcomed to apply (Visual Art / Sculpture / Ceramics* / Dance / Theatre / Performing Arts / Music / Writing / Educational Programmes / New Media / Curatorial / Film Making).

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5- Art residency in Spain in Malaga 2022

‘Bajo el Olivo’ is an experimental art residency space dedicated to artists who are looking for a private space to think, write and create. The art residency is situated on private land (2136 sqm) in the quiet annex of a mediterranean villa that houses three furnished guest rooms. Artists are invited to live on-site to create the initial process of an art work in a situated perspective or as field work, research or writing project.

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