Art Gallery winner, Artist of the month, Gold Artist, Adam Dupree, Artwork: The Colors of Heartbreak

Artist : Adam Dupree
Country : United States
Zip-code : 72327
Artist Statement:

It is difficult to orient yourself toward the world and towards your aspirations as a graphics artist. The endless softwares, hardwares, grids, and codes out there make it that much more complex for one to relate a particular feeling or state of mind to their audience, and since my mood towards the world is in a constant flux, this complexity is tripled, and most of the time it is inescapably overwhelming.

At this very moment, I believe my experiments in design reflect that dual complexity of tech and emotional discharge. At the very least, my designs are an unconscious accumulation of both of these things. I use this dynamic often while I am in the works of a project. Some days this works to my strategic advantage and others not so much, but I firmly believe that this principle guides not only my work, but my very being. The balance that seems to always help bridge these conflicting principles is the usage of typography and letterform.

It is the love of written word and the obsession with design principles that join to work with the conflicts mentioned previously. Those clashing ideas are brought forward in such a way as to explain how I am feeling towards the world, my world, and the influence each one has on the other.

As a student, I am still learning the process, still engaging in those basic principles that others seem to have conquered so easily, and applying my newfound understandings to my works. I am constantly being challenged by new processes and so my hope is that while I am feeling the process out, that challenge and daring pokes forth from my works.
Artwork: The Colors of Heartbreak
Medium : Oil on wood panel
Dimensions : 10 X 10 in (25.4 X 25.4 cm)

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