Art Contest: First place winner medium Pen, artist Alyssa Vallecorsa, artwork: Carlow Rose, SEPTEMBER 2020 EDITION

Artist: Alyssa Vallecorsa
Country : United States
Biography: Alyssa Vallecorsa is an artist, designer and educator.  Her work intends to draw the viewer closer; upon inspection one will discover the words that meld together and create poignant imagery.
After completing her BA in Art and Art Education from Carlow University, Pittsburgh, she went on to teach various studio and art history courses.  She earned her MFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, focusing on UX design and research.  Alyssa continues to create and show her work when she is not off travelling the world.
artwork: Carlow Rose
Medium: Pen
Dimensions : 36″ x 24″

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