Art contest , ARTIST : STEPHEN WATKINS: 1st place Winner, MEDIUM ACRYLIC ON CANVAS. SEPTEMBER 2020 edition.

Artist : Stephen Watkins
Country : United Kingdom
Zip-code : IP13 8JQ
Biography: Stephen is a Suffolk-based artist with a background in Architecture.  Despite having very low marks in art classes as a college student studying to become an architect (because he tended to paint what he wanted, not what he was asked to paint), he became a well known local artist in Doha when, unbeknownst to him, some early paintings of his were taken to a local gallery and immediately sold.

Stephen focuses his art on city skylines to help capture and preserve important places and memories for people.  The places we’ve lived and visited became a part of who we are, but memory is a fickle thing.  Over time it fades, and people can become lost to us.

But art is a way to give permanence to those memories and significant, life-shaping events.  He prefers to capture these moments using acrylic paint on canvas.  Sometimes his skylines are relatively literal and straight forward- capturing important places that mean something for his customers or himself.  Other times they’re more abstract to represent the way we experience a place differently depending on our state of mind.

Each painting is a story of something, some place, or someone who changed a person and made them who they are today.
Artwork: Over the Thames
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions : 1.2m x 1m

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