visual art

What are the different types of Visual art

Visual art can be:


* Ceramics

*Conceptual art




Architecture is a visual art and science that comprise buildings and structures. The word architecture has Greek origin. Architecture also comprise building but also the environment, urban planning, landscape etc. feasibility and cost of building are important to define from Architectural point of view, as well as the purpose of the building or its main functionalities.

Nowadays, architecture is an art based on creation based on a plan. The word is used to represent things in general way like for example the architecture of music or mathematics. We can also say the architecture of something to speak about its appearance or how it perceived by humans. Architecture intervene in space, volume, texture, light, shadow, or abstract elements in order to achieve coherent beautiful objects. This is different from an engineering point of view where functional aspect is more important.

The work of an architecture range from the easy tasks to more difficult ones, means from building houses to building stadiums and skyscrapers. A lot of importance is given to some buildings due to their symbolic importance culturally or politically. The architecture aims always to provide pleasant buildings and design in which people enjoy living.


In ceramic art ceramic materials or clay are used to make pottery for example. Also it can be used to make figurines or sculpture. Ceramic objects can be considered as artwork or as decorative, objects to be used in different industries. Ceramics has been used in different eras and is a symbol of wealth.  It has been found in different archaeological sites. Ceramic products can be produced in factories where you have people designing and designing products. it can be called pottery when someone has a studio and produces art pottery using ceramics. This art is based on heating materials. It does not include glass which is a different art. It mostly ceramic or clay.

Conceptual art

Conceptual art is based on the concept(s) or idea(s) first rather than the material, where a lot of importance is given to the concept itself. This term first appeared in the 1960s and always refers to the idea based art and is linked to visual art. In the United Kingdom, Conceptual art refers to all contemporary art that does not use the common skills or tools for


Drawing aim to make an image, using multiple tools and techniques. It includes drawing on surface whether a paper, a wall by putting a applying pressure from a tool, a pen or a pencil, it also includes moving a tool, going up and down In a way to present something.

Drawing tools can be:

 *graphite pencils,

* pen and ink, 

*inked brushes,

*wax colour,





 and markers.

 Digital tools are also widely used due to the availability of multiple sotwares.

Drawing techniques:

*line drawing, 



*random hatching,




Drawing can be used in comics, illustration and animation.


Painting is also considered a visual art. Painting is the art of drawing and reflects the ideas of the artist. Painting takes multiple form, it could be representing nature, objects etc.

Painting first appeared in caves many years. The oldest is believed to be 32000 years back (Chauvet cave, southern France). The Chauvet cave contains multiple paintings representing animals like Bisons and horses.

Digital art

Digital art is becoming more and more used by artists thanks to the availability of different software. Computers are widely used to create digital artworks. The reason behind this is that it offers the opportunity to edit in multiple ways images. Computers intervene also in multiple artistic areas such as sound, video, etc. Some artists prefer to use a combination of digital and traditional art.

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