TYPA Artist in Residence in Tartu Estonia

Description of the residency program

This unique residency will pair the unique resources of TYPA’s print museum and paper art studio with the academic research and pedagogical opportunities of Pallas University. Set in the city of Tartu, UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Literature 2019, and the upcoming European Capital of Culture 2024, the residency will provide artists with the time and space for new projects, work and research. The project seeks to promote an environment of reflection, community and play within an inspiring environment that supports innovative art practices.  

Our 2022 continues to be fully integrated into the facilities and operation of the print museum and paper art studio. We are looking for artists to bring fresh perspectives and ways of working with print and paper. We are looking for both experienced printmakers and artists with their own practices, whether that be new media, sculpture, audio-artists, painters etc. We can offer a wide range of printmaking practices (letterpress, etching, relief, screenprinting and more), dark-room photography, bookbinding and support for the artist to develop their own projects. However, due to limited resources, we can only offer letterpress to artists already working in this field. We are particularly excited to receive applications for projects in experimental print, book arts, community collaborations and more.

We can offer a supported public outcome, whether this be a workshop, artist talk or exhibition. We are working with the local university, Pallas, local galleries, the Aparaaditehas cultural space and international organisations to connect TYPA artists with the creative community of Tartu.

Duration of residency:

January 2022 – December 2023 

2 months minimum – 4 months maximum

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance 

We are looking for artists who wish to explore print, paper and bookmaking, and with a research or pedagogy background. Although they do not have to be professional printmakers, they should have some wish to develop a project using TYPA’s facilities. 

We have a large collection of letterpress printing machines and type, as well as other forms of print equipment – such as an etching press, a pre-press camera and mimeographs.
An example of some of our equipment on offer can be found here.
We also have an equipped papermaking kitchen with a Hollander beater, various sized papermaking moulds and deckles. We have a shared studio, with ample space for larger projects, where artists can work alongside Estonian printmakers. Artists will have an introduction to the equipment needed for their project as well as access to the museum technical staff who can assist with any queries. We are particularly excited to receive applications for projects in experimental print, book arts, community collaborations and more.


Accommodation takes the form of a basic apartment in the centre of Tartu. The apartment contains a double bed, private bathroom and shower, a kitchen and desk space. The apartment is centrally located but have small bathrooms and are modestly decorated. Partners are welcome, however, the apartment is not large enough for a family. Pictures can be found here.

Studio / workspace

Artists will have full access to a large shared studio space, with a large table space, exposure unit, etching press, relief press, sink and use of shared equipment and inks.

Artists are free to use the museum equipment, bearing in mind that the museum is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday and machinery is required in certain museum demonstrations or workshops.

Fees and support  

The fees for the residency are 350 Euros per month which includes:

accommodation, use of the studio and equipment, technical support, exhibition space and promotion.

Specialist equipment, tools etc. will have to be purchased by the artist, but please discuss with needs with us, and we can see what arrangements can be made. 

We will be able to provide artists with any written support for funding.

Expectations towards the artist  

Artists are expected to work in a respectful manner, taking responsibility of their own safety and the safety of those around them, and keeping shared working areas clean. Alongside the lectures at Pallas the artist will be expected to make one public outcome during their residency time; this can take the form of an artist talk, exhibition, open studio, workshop, etc. We also encourage the integration into Tartu’s creative community -through hosting artists dinners, tours and connecting artists to local events.Deadline: 09/30/2021How to Apply: 

Application information 

Please complete the application form  – through our website, OR email applications to charlotte@typa.ee


A 300-word proposal for your residency plan and an overview of your teaching plan

A completed application form

A current CV 

A small portfolio or links to previous work/ website


16th of August – 30th September : Accepting applications
30th of October: Notification of accepted artistsContact Information: 

charlotte@typa.eeWeb Link: https://typa.ee/en/typa-residency/open-call/

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