Top 10 anime drawing contests

Multiple organizations worldwide organize anime drawing contests whether in Japan, USA or Germany. These events offer multiple prizes but also offer the opportunity to artists and designers to start their careers in anime and comic drawing.

Here are the 10 anime drawing contest that you can apply for:

1-Anime contest in Japan best illustration by Medibang

Magic International Manga Contest

Medibang a Japanese drawing software organizes regularly during the year multiple anime drawing contests, these contest covers multiple themes related to anime, manga, and Japanese anime. All artists and designers can take part in these contests.

2-Anime drawing contest by clip studio paint

Clip Studio paint a Japanese drawing software organizes regularly a contest for artists and designers. There are different themes for the anime and comics drawing contest.  The software is suitable for drawing comics, Manga, and webtoons.

3- Dokomi Anime festival in Germany

At DoKomi in Düsseldorf you can experience a unique weekend all about anime, manga, games, cosplay and Japan! Make new friends and immerse yourself in a fascinating community where you can live your passion to the full! The anime festival organizes as well a drawing contest in each edition.

4- Anime drawing contest at Anime Expo USA

Anime Expo is a huge anime and cosplay event taking part in Los Angeles USA every year. The event brings fans and industry together for an annual celebration of Japanese pop culture. Every year Anime and manga drawing contests.

5- Anime drawing contest by COAMIX in Japan

COAMIX in Japan organises multiple anime and comics drawing contests for artists and designers worldwide. It is a great opportunity to start a career in comics drawing thanks to the different opportunities that COAMIX offers.

6-SAC Anime contest

SacAnime is an anime drawing contest, that gathers a big community of anime enthusiasts.  In 2005 the event hosted 1000 participants and in 2009, 7700 attendees participated. Due to success to success of the previous events, Sacanime organizes a new edition every July of each year. In order to win the prize your illustration should provide a good story in anime drawing.

7-Right Stuf Anime

Right, Stuf Anime specializes in packaging and distributing pre-recorded programming to English-language audiences – from Japanese animation (anime) to foreign live-action content. There’s always a contest to enter and you always have a chance to win! So try your luck at a giveaway and win the newest Anime or Manga! We might even have a limited edition item you can’t get anywhere else!

8-Magic International Manga Contest

Since 2017, Shibuya Productions and SHUEISHA Inc. are sponsoring a manga creation contest as part of the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) in partnership with Shibuya International.

This contest aims to discover talents, to bring them prestigious international visibility by publishing the winning works on Shueisha’s publishing platforms: Shônen Jump + and MANGA Plus.

9-The Anime Banzai Drawing contest.

The Anime Banzai Convention is an educational convention focusing on Japanese anime (animation), manga (comics), and culture. The goal of the Anime Banzai Convention is to bring an event to Utah where fans can come together to celebrate Japan and Japanese Culture in a fun, safe, family-friendly atmosphere.

10-Anime North drawing contest

Anime North is an anime convention located in Toronto, Canada that celebrates anime, manga, music, games and all other forms of Japanese Culture! Anime North organizes an anime drawing contest. They have one edition every year.

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