The comix competition Nouveau talent BDFIL 2019

Art Contest Title: The comix competition Nouveau talent BDFIL 2019

Application deadline: July 1, 2019 (closed)


The comix competition Nouveau talent BDFIL 2019 is open to anyone over the age of 15 domiciled in Switzerland or abroad and whose work has never been published in the form of an album, regularly in a large-circulation newspaper or magazine, or an expert reviewed online platform (such as for instance) or under any editorial license. Participants whose work is being published on the 1st of July 2019 will be disqualified. Each participant may enter one project only. As the competition aims to encourage and recompense complete artists, collective entries will not be accepted. Winners of previous competitions, with the exception of ‘special mentions’, are not allowed to re-enter.

Contest Category: theme: “The Mirror”

Application Steps:

Every project should present a complete story, on one board, with or without text, and be closely connected with the theme of the competition: “Shadow”. This theme may be freely interpreted. Every project should be presented on a format A3 (29.7 X 42 cm maximum) and in the French format (vertical). Projects that contain no narrative or that are presented in a different format will be automatically excluded from the competition. Participants are free to choose the style, form and the materials used for their projects. Any text/dialogue used in the story must be in French, German, English or Italian.

Registration procedure:

 2.1) The name, first name, date of birth (day/month/year), complete postal address, telephone number (mobile or/and land line) and e-mail address of the participant must be written clearly on the back of the project.

2.2) The registration must be confirmed via an online form, available on the website: If you do not have any access to any internet connection, please call us at +41 (0)21 312 78 10.

Send their project (A3 format) to the festival address by July 1, 2019: BDFIL Festival / Concours nouveau talent / Place de la Cathédrale 12 / 1005 Lausanne 

Contest Prizes: it carries prize money totalling CHF 5’000.- (€ 4’406.- approx*)

Application fee : free

Official link:

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