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Manga and anime drawing contest 2023 by Coamix Inc

Overview: The Silent Manga Audition is an international manga competition organized by Coamix Inc. The competition aims to discover and support aspiring manga artists from around the world, and the focus is on creating silent manga that can be understood regardless of language or cultural background.

Deadline: The deadline for the competition varies each year, so it’s best to check the Silent Manga Audition website for the current year’s deadline.

Eligibility: The competition is open to anyone who is interested in creating manga, regardless of their age, nationality, or professional status. There are no entry fees, and the competition is open to both amateurs and professionals.

Submission: To enter the competition, you need to create an original 31-page silent manga that tells a story without the use of words. The manga must be submitted in a digital format through the Silent Manga Audition website.

Prize: The prizes for the competition vary each year. Generally, the top winners will receive cash prizes and have their manga published in the Silent Manga Audition anthology. The winning entries will also be featured on the Coamix website and social media pages.

Application link: You can find the application link and more information about the Silent Manga Audition on the Coamix website. The link to the competition page is:

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