Art gallery Winner, gold Artist, Cheryl Tenn, Artwork: War Paint

Artist: Cheryl Tenn
Country : Canada
zip-code : L5R 3X2
Biography: Cheryl Tenn is a graphic designer by trade and a realism illustrator who draws and paints simply for the love of art. Her goal has been to create striking art packed with detail. Subject matter could be anything from portraits, still life, landscapes to wild life. Her speciality is pencil, however, choosing the medium which best suits the subject matter. Coloured pencil, acrylic, oil, chalk pastel and often a combination of two or more media to achieve a desired effect.

Born in British Columbia, Cheryl was raised in Toronto. Being fortunate to attend Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, where she had extensive training at a professional level. This environment inspired her life-long learning and a desire for personal excellence. Graduating at the top of the class from George Brown College, Graphic Design course, choosing a graphics career before the age of computers. Self taught computer skills, she grew with the ever changing industry while continuing to illustrate commissioned projects for over 30 years.
Artwork: War Paint
Medium: Pencil Crayon
Dimensions:  16 x 20″

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