Anime Expo USA

Overview: Anime Expo is an annual anime convention held in Los Angeles, California. The convention celebrates anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese pop culture and includes a range of activities such as industry panels, guest appearances, and cosplay contests.

Deadline: Not defined.

Important dates: 

Anime Expo® – Los Angeles, California July 4-7, 2024

Eligibility: The convention is open to anyone who is interested in anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese pop culture. There are no specific eligibility requirements to attend the convention.

Submission: There is no submission process for attending Anime Expo. Tickets are available for purchase on the Anime Expo website, and attendees can participate in the various activities and events throughout the convention.

Prize: There are no prizes associated with attending Anime Expo, as it is primarily a celebration of Japanese pop culture and a chance to meet and interact with others who share similar interests.

Application link: You can find more information about Anime Expo and purchase tickets on the convention’s official website. The link to the website is:

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