Art residency

Fully funded art residency Artist at risk residency program


Application are open for the art residency program artist at risk, this unique opportunity for artists having political issues in their countries and are enable to practice and show their art freely. The program offers for the artist a safe hosting country to continue their work.

ARTISTS at RISK is a program launched by Perpetuum Mobile  with a goal to assist, relocate and fund artists who are at risk of persecution or oppression, or are fleeing war or terror thanks to a network of of artistic institutions, non-profits, municipalities, state institutions and international organisations.

Application period:



Fill in the following application form

The application form is available in different languages to submit easily the application however application in English are encouraged.



Artist at risk only.

Art residency locations:

The program started first in Helsinki Finland then expanded to 20 different locations in 16 different locations.

Priority fields:

Visual arts, other fields including film, theater and dance are accepted.

Application hints:

Prepare you art portfolio,

Explain well why you should be selected in cover letter.

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