Art residency in Los Angeles

Art residency in Los Angeles US 18th street Arts Center

18th Street Arts Center aims to provoke public dialogue through contemporary art making.

Since 1988, 18th Street Arts Center has supported the work of many of Los Angeles’ most engaging artists, and has built bridges to artist communities around the globe.

Available art residency programs:

Visiting artist: The program hosts international and national artists and curators from between 1 to 3 months (application link)

Local artist in residence: where LA-based artist occupy either live/work or day work studios for 1 year or more. (application link)

Organisation in residence: where arts organizations have their offices and activities on 18th street campus. (application link)

A curator in residence: who has studio space for one calendar year to conduct research and foster community engagement through ancillary programs, such as symposia, lectures, and artist talks.

Artist Lab Residency program: structured as both a residency and an exhibition for an LA-based artist (by invitation).

Application deadline:

Ongoing, applications are open now.

The program in numbers:

18th Street Arts Center’s visiting artist residency program has hosted more than 500 artists from dozens of countries around the world since it first began in 1992.

Program facilities:

All of the studio spaces are different in size and layout. Price is based upon square footage. 18th Street Arts Center offers subsidized rents with prices at ranging between $1.00 and $2.00 square feet – which is well below market value for comparable studio space in the area. Most of our studios range from 400 to 1,000 square feet.

Application hint:

Prepare an artist portfolio before application,

You work should provoke public dialogue.

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