Artwork of the Month My Calamitous Love, honorable mention artist of the month April 2024.

Annie is a Puerto Rican-American, Arizona-raised traditional art illustrator. Her work is inspired by the idea that woman are multifaceted, and that just because something is dark or scary doesn’t mean it can’t also be feminine, beautiful, and sensual. The art she creates is a visual of the complicated and painful emotions she feels. By creating art, Annie is able to dispel those feelings and transform them into something beautiful. She works with ink on paper and draws much of her imagery from animals, plants, and women.
Artwork: My Calamitous Love
Medium: ink on paper
Dimension: 9×12

Artist name: Annie J. Guevara

Address: 2221 E Sheridan St. Phoenix, AZ 85006
Art House Online Gallery had the chance to have an interview with Annie to get to know her more and learn more about her art

When it comes to your art, explain what you do in 100 words?

In my art I like to demonstrate the multifacetedness of women. Women are a lot of things, not just pretty or polite or kind. Women can also be dark and disturbed or troubled while also being beautiful, feminine and sensual. I don’t think one trait takes away from another. My art is my way of dispelling my own darkness and troubled feelings and turning it into something beautiful. 

-What project are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on creating my own tarot deck.

-Which place in the world do you find to be the most inspiring?

It doesn’t really matter where I am. As long as I can listen to music, I feel inspired. I can draw and work on art anywhere at anytime. 

-What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To bet on yourself. My husband is always telling me to believe in myself and my art and to be brave enough to dream big.

 -Do you make a living off of your art?

Not yet. 

-How has your practice changed over time?

I used to only draw when I felt a spark of inspiration. But now I try to draw everyday even if it’s just sketching because it’s good practice and I’m always trying to better my craft and stay inspired. 

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