Reshmi Mallick

Artwork of the month Shades of life, honorable mention artist of the month April 2024

Artist: Reshmi Mallick

By profession, Reshmi Mallick is working as a Manager in one of the Big 4 companies in India. Painting is her passion and she feels really rejuvenated and alive while creating an art piece on the canvas.

Artwork: Shades of life

About the artwork: This art piece is inspired by Kathakali, a classical Indian dance form. This art depicts different shades of life and different moods and characteristics of society. Face is the mirror of a human being and it is a true reflection of one’s soul.

Medium: The painting is made of acrylic colour

Dimension: 40 cm * 30 cm

Art House Online Gallery had the chance to have an interview with Reshmi Mallick to get to know her more and learn more about her art

-When it comes to your art, explain what you do in 100 words: 

For me art is an expression of my feelings and emotion. I think art liberates my thoughts, brings voice to my inner feelings. The colours and the strokes on a canvas gives me a free world, a world of my own. It is a great stress buster for me. I like to play with colours, they give me joy and happiness. So, for me art is a part of my existence and a part of what I am.

-What project are you working on now?

Right now I am working on an acrylic project where I am doing some painting mainly on what I see around me in acrylic medium.

-Which place in the world do you find to be the most inspiring?

I think my home, my surroundings only provide me with a lot of inspiration. I observe my surroundings, observe people and I find the most interesting subjects to make my paintings from them.

-What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I was once told to be spontaneous as much as you can and I think that is the best piece of advice for any artist. Art is all about being spontaneous and living in the moment.

 -Do you make a living off of your art?

No, art is my hobby, my favourite thing to do in the world. But I do not make a living off of my art.

-How has your practice changed over time?

Yes, my practice evolved over time. Earlier I used to practice a lot to be perfect. But now I learnt to be more spontaneous, I now like to experiment with different mediums. I think my practice changed and evolved over time.

Reshmi Mallick

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