Artist: Negar Roshan; Artwork: Seeing

Artist : Negar Roshan
Country: Iran
Biography: Negar Roshan, born on 6/6/1997 in Isfahan / Iran-with a degree in graphics and painting from Guilan University of Art and Architecture in 2020.
Her activity has been from 2009 until now (painting and photography)
 And she is interested in surreal and abstract and linear designs.

Beyond our intellect and logic, there are worlds that sometimes communicate with us, Creatures that live in our world.
Some from our kind and some others from kinds that are probably unfamiliar to most of us;
Many of us, humans, cannot see them as we are unable to see inner nature and emotions of our fellowman. As technology develops, humans become blind and have lost existential truth of each other and even themselves;
As if we became blind…
A frightening scream in a world that all claim sight, is complicated, while the most blind humans where those who didn’t want to see not others who couldn’t see.
Ultimately, this blindness influences everyone and takes consciousness and cognition from people in one moment, and then there’s no culture and no humanity. Technology won’t work anymore and fear and shock fills the heart of any human and will lead him to the dark like his eyes.
Artwork: Seeing
Medium: Painting
Dimensions: 120*80

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