Artist: Kateryna Brovkova, Artwork: Cinderella Shoes.

Artist : Kateryna Brovkova
Country : Ukraine
Biography: Greetings to the Team!

My name is Kateryna Brovkova. I am an artist, illustrator & fashion designer from Ukraine.  I’m very proud and happy to be Ukrainian, even despite so painful trials for all Ukrainian people, that we are going through now.
Currently, I live in Munich, Germany. I was forced to temporarily relocate due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
I’m a participant and a winner of multiple arts and fashion competitions (FIDA WORLDWIDE, DRAWADOT). I have been working in the field of fashion & commercial illustration and design for many years, as well as working on graphic content for social networks, producing my own Illustration brands of prints and postcards in Ukraine, and being a part of worldwide fashion illustration and design community.
 I have always paid attention to fashion details, patterns, textiles, and colors, starting from my parents’ clothes in the childhood 

 I was starting to draw starting 3 y.o age, and then, was learning to draw and express the forms and objects using different mediums and technics.
All my creative & business activities have always been related to design, fashion and art. Now, in the modern world, the need for sustainable fashion and reasonable consumption in common is more acute than ever. That is why I transferred part of my creativity to the digital medium. Translating fashion images in my art compilations, I appeal to the uniqueness and value of ideas, moving to chamber capsule collections.
 I believe that art has the ability to transmit global values and be an influencer for the design and fashion industries.
And of course, art is the best way to emphasize your individuality and
give meaning, special feelings, and vibes to all your spaces – private or commercial.
Since I practice Kundalini Yoga, I’m working with creative, high-vibes vibrations, and good-feeling positive energies. So all of my art pieces are created when I’m happy and full of energy and put all that energy of love and growth into art.
Thus, I share not only my art but also good vibes from this art.
This collection symbolizes the idea that in each of us there is a child who believes in his\her dreams and hear the soul. As long as we believe in our dreams, we can achieve anything!
Even as an adult, it’s important to keep dreaming big and believing in yourself!
«You can dream it, you can do this» (c) Disney
Artwork : Cinderella Shoes
Medium: Mixed Media , Digital Art
Dimensions:  A3 size

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