ARTEMISTA Artist-in- Residence Programme in Italy


Artemista is a cultural association that deals from different disciplines – Music, Theatre, Photography and Visual Arts. Artemista is inviting artists from different disciplines to take part in its art residency program, the program supports unique artistic projects. The project could be – research-based residencies, production-based residencies or interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial residencies. The art residency in located in a rural area close to Genova, Italy.

Application deadline:18:00 CET Thursday 2nd June 2022.


The program accepts applications from the following areas Music, Theatre, Photography, and Visual Arts.

Application documents:

Fill in the following form the Artist-in-Residence Application Form.

Art residency costs:

Artists-in-Residence is responsible for paying 300 euros per week for their participation in the program.

Art residency costs:

From one week to three weeks.

Art residency Link:

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