Art contest 1st place winner, MEDIUM OIL ON CANVAS, artist Anastasiia Kruglova September edition.

Artist : Anastasiia Kruglova
Country : Russian Federation
Zip-code : 119415
Biography: My name is Anastasiia Kruglova and I’m an artist from Russia, Moscow.
I received a degree in International Law, and later received a degree in Sound Engineering. Throughout my life, art remains the main language of communication with the outside world, which has no boundaries and difficulties in translation. Every single time I choose the theme for my artwork I try to think of it from different perspectives. And that is an inspirational point for me. I find each aspect of life quite unique and emotive: time, nature, visual and audible environment, science, emotions etc. all simultaneously and interconnected – that’s what makes my artworks viable.
Took part in numerous exhibition projects.
In 2009 won 2nd place in the avant-garde genre in the Russian Painting Competition as part of the Russian Art Week. In the same year, won 1st place in the international competition as part of the Russian Art Week with the work “JoyJuice”. Also, in 2009. Awarded by the Union of Women of Russia with the Diploma “Recognition” for the work “Striking Solo”.
Since 2018 – a scientific volunteer at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (laboratory of cognitive psychology and psychology of small groups).
Since 2009 – member of the International Arts Fund.
Artwork : Doors – finding a solution
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions:  70/90 (cm)

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