TYPA and Stenciblity Artist Residency in Estonia funded AIR Open Call 2023

TYPA centre has hosted over 100 artists so far and continues to offer a dynamic and varied residency program. Our 2024 Open Call is now open. The deadline is 31th of August 2023.

In 2024, we can offer two types of residencies: Stencibility residency and TYPA residency.

Please find information for both these open calls

– Stencibility residency 2024 open call:

– TYPA Residency 2024 open call:

Read more about the experience of our previous artists in residence: https://typa.ee/en/typa-residency/kulaliskunstnikud/


Our fees are dependent on our funding and support. For all residencies TYPA will pay for:

  • Accommodation
  • Studio usage and a storage shelf
  • Access to our equipment
  • Technical support
  • Exhibition space
  • Promotion of their practice and outcome
  • Support in finding funding

Stencibility covers:

  • Travel costs up to 150€
  • Materials and equipment to take part of Spraycation (spray paint, acrylic paint, rollers-brushes)
  • Selection of different walls available for painting during Spraycation
  • Lunch every day during Stencibility festival (3rd-7th of July)

Submission guidelines:

Complete the application.


  • A 300-word proposal for your residency plan
  • A current CV
  • A small portfolio or links to previous work/website

Make sure to make known if you are applying for extra support in the application process.


More about TYPA centre

TYPA is a printing and paper arts centre established in the spring of 2010 as a private museum to save the last surviving letterpress machines and equipment salvaged from printing shops from destruction. We are the only memory institution in the region – in Finland and the Baltics – specialising in printing and paper arts. 

Since its establishment, TYPA has operated as a working museum and place of interest, which, in addition to traditional maintenance and exhibition of collections, conducts various printing workshops and hosts longer courses for students and professionals. 

TYPA Centre presents a multitude of activities; TYPA Stationery brand produces unique notebooks, albums, and bookcases made of recycled materials. Our centuries-old equipment is in perfect working order and available for printing custom-order works as well as works produced by printmakers. And of course we welcome visitors who are interested in learning about the secrets of papermaking, the history of printing, and letterpress equipment and other exciting machinery that is used in one way or another in the art of papermaking or book manufacturing.

In 2020 we were hounoured with ILUCIDARE special award for our innovative solution in preserving cultural heritage.




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