Two weeks Writing residency in Canada 2022

Application deadline: 9 February 2022,

Status: Applications are closed.

Benefits: Living expenses, extra support for project funding.

Duration: 13 days.

Country: Canada


The Computational Writing residency will allow writers to explore working at the intersection of computing and literary art, not only by using pre-developed tools but also by directly undertaking programming. The residency will consider how computation can be means for reflecting on one’s own writing process as well as for processing anything from small, curated collections of words to large text corpora.

This self-directed residency offers the opportunity to work away from the constraints of everyday life. Delve deep into your creative project and take advantage of the artistic community of your peers around you. The program provides opportunities for consultations with mentors, and optional group sessions led by guest mentors that allow writers to explore literary techniques, aspects, and devices that you may find useful in your practice.

You may also sign up for additional walks and day trips within Banff National Park as well as campus-wide activities organized by our Participant Resources team.

This flexible program allows you to choose the amount of support you are looking for. All program elements are optional.

What does the program offer?

This 13-day residency provides thematic teaching from faculty members, Q&A sessions, public events, and one-on-one workshopping.

Instructors will discuss ideas, experiences, and obstacles that participants may be encountering with their writing across genre.

Who should apply?

Experienced writers and programmers looking to explore the future of digital compositional techniques. We welcome writers from all backgrounds, and all gender identities and expressions.

Note: While the language of Banff Centre is English, we welcome projects in English or Spanish for this residency.

Further details:

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