International call for artists to submit their artwork: SMACH Contest 2023

The SMACH Biennale 2023 presents 10 artworks that respond to SPROUTING, the keyword of the 6th edition of the open air exhibition.
The theme of the Biennale 2023 is a verb declined in the gerund indicating an action already in progress on a visible level or on invisible, microscopic, metaphorical levels. The term has a wide range of applications from botany to molecular biology to the development of the neural system.
The winning projects, selected from more than 300 submissions, declined the term SPROUTING by reflecting on the subterranean connections of the natural world and its capacity for resilience; on the return to the human-environment symbiosis; on the often reckless use of natural resources; on aspects of the alpine landscape that we took for granted and on the birth of alpine legends.
The Biennale took place in 10 locations selected for their historical, mythological, botanical and geological characteristics that were located along a 65-kilometer trek.

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