Artist: Ciro Di Fiore; Artwork: Moda Obiettivo Natura; Honor Award; June 2021

Artist : Ciro Di Fiore
Country : Italy
Zip-code : 80132
Biography: Ciro Di Fiore is a mixed media artist hyperealism, conceptual, fashion and (an Italian emergent fashion designer) and with him the fashion goes in the art and in the music, and in every creative and cultural spheres and in every sector, but it is not the usual meeting between these types of creativity with contaminations neither an exchange between them and nor a simple combination.
Ciro Di Fiore has the pseudonym of Daniel, his creative journey began from “First Alternative Winter” of Rimini in Italy
Daniel is an emerging creative, he has exhibited his stylistic paintings with his fashion samples because he is also an emerging stylist.
Since december 2015 shows his artistic / stylistic works in Museums, galleries, fairs in Italy and abroad as Europe and America and United Arabe Emirates, China, Australia and during an exhibition he had the definition like “ artistic fashion designer”; so with him fashion enter in the art and in the music and in other cultural and social contests, in an innovative and original way.
Among his exhibitions in Great Britain there are from the collective one of the gallery “Accorsi et of the one’s of London “Le Dame” at “Meliá White House Hotel” in London and to  the collective “Our Place in the Seven Heavens” for the “Festival Global Geopark Unesco” Unesco 2019 at Torquay in the county of Devon and the 24-Hours and from the online collective  Exhibition Abstract Aeras. at The Wall Space Gallery, Scotland, UK., to those online collective Togheter” of the gallery  SKT of  London Another collective online exhibition   “The FLUX Review V2″ Part 2 of Exhibition flux that is one of the leading Contemporary Art Exhibitions in London and the collective online  Stay Connected, Virtual Exhibition ‘42,602,038 + ” on webiste web “Stay Connect “of Norwich and the collective online Fashion Design Exhibition of the l’ Aire Place Studios of  Leeds Among the publications on  magazines of the Great Britain , an artwork of Daniel was published in April 2019 in the “Murze magazine” of Art in London concerning the climate change
 While an another artwork of Daniel was published also from April to September 2019 on the magazine of art “A5” of London
In february 2017 he took part of the project “Couture in orbit” in creation and of a clothing collection that integrated space technologies and innovative materials that was presented in May 2017 with a video in the exhibition “Living in Space”, in textile fair “Techtextil Messe” a Francoforte and after at the ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Nordwijck (Netherlands)
For an art gallery the artitic/ stylistic work of Daniel may be already sold with a quotation for auctioring.
This is been organized by the “ Poli.Design (Politecnico di Milano)” with textile and fashion companies like Colmar and ispirated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and with the partners of project, this fashion company and Texclubtec.
He has received also a certificate for his participation to another contest of the Esa’ s European Space Agency “LAUNCH YOUR DESIGN WITH CHEOPS” and with this the Art is taken in the Space
An artwork of Daniel was published in April 2019 in the “Murze magazine” of Art in London with the artworks of 15 artists and concerning the climate change and his portfolio will be also on the web site of this magazine
From September 2020 Daniel is a member of the “Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou en France and of the Art Mouvement Résilience of this Museum
In 2020 a his  artwork was published on the King House Magazine, Issue 1 of  London and in 202 on the magazine on  “Working Artist” of April  N . 3 of April of  Edinburgh
In 2020-21 Daniel he has received two certificate by the Nasa, one in last June for his participation to Nasa Space Apps ” the Covid -19 Challenge for global problem- resolver and organized with the collaboration of European Space Agency (Esa) and Jaxa Agency (Japan) and Csa Agency ( Canadian) and Cnes Agency (French) and the other, in October for the Nasa Space Apps Take Action, category Putting the ‘Art’ in Artemis, with his project “Mars and Moon: A new window for the Umanity”
Artwork: Moda Obiettivo Natura
Medium : drawing/mixed
Dimensions : cm 50 x h cm 70

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