Art Gallery Winner, Gold Artist, RICHARD HEIENS, artwork: City in Confusion

Country : United States
Biography: Dr. Heiens is an accomplished international artist whose colorful abstract expressionist works never fail to solicit an emotional reaction from the viewer.  Using color intensity and simplicity of composition, his works make a big impact without crowding the canvas. His paintings have a wonderful balance and handling of the acrylics and are intended to catch the eye of the beholder with their colors and shapes which tell a story. His paintings have a balance of color composition warm/cold/neutral with a mix of different round and edged components.
What I paint could be a landscape, an abstract or cubist design or even a combination of all three.  A landscape with cubist elements would not be unusual.  Most of my work is semi-abstract so that viewers can see what I see on the canvas.  Each art piece often consists of multiple styles and themes based on the research I have done and new areas of interest that lead to the next body of work. Interest and thoughts give life to shapes, arrangement, and color.   Color is the main emphasis in all of my paintings. My paintings all have the richest and deepest colors I can achieve.  The desire to bring out the brightest colors in my art stem from the paintings of Van Gogh.  He used color to entice the viewer to want to look deeper into his paintings.  Van Gogh stated, “the painter of the future will be a colorist in a way no one has seen before.”  That is my goal and reason for painting.
artwork: City in Confusion
Medium : Acrylic
Dimensions : 24 x 30 inches

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