Art Gallery Winner, Gold Artist: Danielle Dewberry, Artwork: Piracy

Artist : Danielle Dewberry
Country : United States
Biography: Artists bio: Danielle Dewberry is a mixed media artist based in Kennesaw, Georgia who specializes in design. She first became interested in art around the age of 10, taking inspiration from her favorite cartoons, she created her own characters and realized her true passion. Through character design and illustration, she explores concepts and emotion in visual form. Her pieces range from digital works, to small scale illustrations and paintings and consist of bright vibrant colors and detailed linework. With a more gritty aesthetic, her characters and designs are rough cut and draw inspiration from alternative culture. In the future, Danielle plans to become a tattoo artist and continue spreading her works for a wide audience to see.
Statement: This piece is a play on color and movement. Using a combination of abstraction and portraiture, I wanted to create something bold and complex. I wanted the design to feel as if it was going to break through the panel of the realm which this captain resides into our own making it sort of interactive with the viewer.
Instagram: @Dad.draws
Artwork: Piracy
Medium : Acrylic on canvas panel
Dimensions : 8” x 8”

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