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Artist Interview: Scotti Taylor, American artist living in California, USA.

Art House online gallery is delighted to interview Scotti Taylor, American artist living in California, USA. We went through multiple details about her career as an artist but also her personal life.

-When it comes to your art, explain what you do in 100 words: Through paint, I offer glimpses into the internalized experience of women. Behind the bright colors and gestural mark-making, my work is an exploration of my personal journey. From childhood traumas and struggling with mental wellness, to becoming a wife and mother, caring for a child with special needs, and even my own physical health in the wake of menopausal symptoms, I leverage my own experiences to investigate the emotional toll and resilience of women. At the intersection of meticulous lines and thick applications of paint, I try to reveal the beauty that hides the pain often felt. Here, I ask us all to reconsider our own capacity for love, compassion, and empathy for others.scotti taylor

-What project are you working on now? I’m working on two different pieces right now exploring female relationships

-Why do you do what you do? I reached a point in life where everything was going to come out, or I wasn’t going to survive: I reached a point in life where everything was going to come out, or I wasn’t going to survive.

-How has your practice changed over time? My practice changed when I added oils to my usual acrylics, and added texture with gesso, paper, and gel medium.

-What is your strongest childhood memory? my strongest childhood memory is the feel of squishing my granny’s fingertips in between my fingers. They were so squishy.

-What is your scariest experience?  The early birth of my first daughter, at 26 weeks

-Describe a real-life experience that inspired you: My menopausal symptoms and mental health struggles inspire all of my pieces right now.

-Do you make a living off of your art?  I do not. I am a full-time caregiver to my adult disabled child

-What is your dream creative project? Right now I have a simple dream of gallery representation:

-Which place in the world do you find to be the most inspiring? My studio.

-What’s the most indispensable item in your studio/practice?

-What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Make even bad art. Finishing any art means you have sustained long enough to put an idea out into the world.

-Creatively, where do you see yourself in the next five years? In the next five years, I hope to invest time into progressing in the area where I feel least confident: speaking about my art. I hope to be able to communicate my inner self to the outer world with ease and finesse.


Scotti Taylor


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