Art Street Raking contest in Japan (anime, Manga, drawings) 2022

Deadline: 11/01/2022

Status: applications are closed;

Country: Japan.


It is an illustration ranking system with 7 LEVELS (anime, Manga, drawings).

When the number of views, comments, favourites, shares, and likes increases, it LEVELS UP!

The game period is 6 weeks, chances of going to LEVEL 7 is 0.1%!

In addition, it is connected to Creators Rank. If you manage to stay in LEVEL4〜LEVEL7 you will receive a creator badge

Entry Period: September 24, 2021 (Fri) 〜 January 11, 2022 (Tue)17:00 * Japan time

Scoring Rules:

These points will be given to you depending on the final LEVEL that you reach.

LEVEL1: 1 point

LEVEL2: 2 points

LEVEL3: 3 points

LEVEL4: 4 points

LEVEL5: 5 points

LEVEL6: 6 points

LEVEL7: 7 points

The final points will be determined 42 days after the contest registration period.


1st place: 50,000 yen

2nd place: 40,000 yen

3rd place: 30,000 yen

4th place: 20,000 yen

5th place: 10,000 yen

The winners will be in order of the creators with the most points.

If the total points earned is tied, the creator with the highest level illustration will win first prize. If the level and the number of illustrations are equal, the creator with the highest number of likes will win the first prize. If all of the above is the same, the winners will be tied.

How to Claim the Prize:

Prize money will be credited to your Medibang account you applied with. To receive the prize money, you need to register either a PayPal account or a bank account information. (The transfer fee is not included).

Application link:

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