Art residency in USA, Yefe Nof Program

The Yefe Nof Residency is a place for writers, researchers and designers. We promote groundbreaking work by supporting the people who create it. We provide time and solitude to one person at a time through our Core residencies, the California Writing Residency, the Redesign Residency, and the ZVI Residency. The final stage work that residents do contributes to a generative dialogue of interdisciplinary ideas which is shared with residents and the public alike.

The ZVI Residency is open to projects which engage our minds and hearts by incorporating relevant and concise expression in multiple languages. If in written or spoken language, the majority of the work must be in English.

Dad’s name was Zvi. Nobody could ever pronounce it. He said it was a terrible name and that if we ever had a kid we shouldn’t even think about it. Zvi means deer in Hebrew. Who doesn’t like deer? Well, Dad was likeable. People might not have recognized his accent or been able to identify his mother country on the map, but they recognized Dad’s inner spark.

He said they didn’t ask where he was from. They just bundled him with a minority they knew. We all come from somewhere, and more and more we all come from everywhere. Best we can do is explore and celebrate that somewhere and everywhere by thinking about language as symbolic systems.

Duration of residency

Two weeks in November 2022, or, alternatively, in June 2023.


The resident is expected to use the two weeks for working alone without any hindrances. Residencies offer the space conducive to focused, goal-oriented work. Residents are at liberty to structure their own time and activity. Each is offered full-use of the living accommodations and work-space with a full range of modern conveniences. Residents need to bring their own writing materials and laptops. Areas inside and outside are expected to be maintained by the resident during their stay.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Writers, researchers, and designers are invited to apply. The sole requirement is that whatever form of expression is used it should be in multiple languages. And if in written or spoken language, the majority of the work must be in English. 

Studio / Workspace

Yefe Nof is a fully equipped two bedroom, two bath family home with all of the necessities for four season living and all the amenities which will help you focus on your work. The spacious master bedroom and bathroom has a queen bed, bay window, walk-in-closet, and separate toilet and shower. The second bedroom has a trundle bed perfect for children or guests and is adjacent to a bathroom with a bathtub. The house has been rearranged to create a formal work area, but there are also many pleasant study and daydreaming options like the porch, living room fireplace, kitchen nook, and back deck. The kitchen includes a gas stove and oven, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. There is a barbecue grill on the back deck. In the buildup under the house you will find a snow blower, trash cans, washer/dryer, and tools. If the pinging wind chimes are not enough entertainment, you have unlimited access to mind-numbing cable television, wireless internet, decent stereo equipment, and a DVD player.

Fees and support

No fee. At present, no stipend is awarded to residents. Residents are responsible for their own transportation, personal living expenses, food and beverage, some supplies, telephone charges and any expenses related to the production of work during the residency. Travel and shipping expenses to and from the Yefe Nof Residency program are also the responsibility of the resident. There is no home mail delivery services so arrangements should be made in advance to send through the Lake Arrowhead USPS.

Expectations towards the artist

There are no expectations beyond working towards the fulfillment of the proposed project.

Application information

The submission period is from January 1 through May 31 and applications will be accepted through Submittable.

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