Art residency in California

CREEKSIDE ARTS is an Artist-in-Residency Program that is a unique opportunity to reflect, create and explore in an inspiring setting among the Redwoods of Northern California. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a project focus on what is dear to our community: Land, place, community, nature, climate, education, and social and political consciousness..

We provide an inspiring natural setting among the coastal redwoods of Northern California for individuals as well as collaborative artistic work and expression. We welcome artists from a broad range of creative disciplines. We provide a unique opportunity to reflect, create and explore away from the hectic demands and constraints of daily life.

Our location in the heart of the redwoods and home of the Wiyot people provides a natural setting that guides our commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment. Our program facilitates an exchange of creative thought and expression between participants, the neighborhood, and the larger Northern California community with a focus on new work with a social and political consciousness.

Our three-week programs provide each artist with fully equipped private living quarters and individual separate work/studio spaces. In addition to providing a space for solitary work, our program supports and encourages a collaborative atmosphere. Evening gatherings provide an opportunity to get to know the other resident artists as well as the permanent members of the Creekside Arts community. Films, discussions, and exchanges with local Northern California artists are a part of these gatherings. Our residencies conclude with a creative interaction with the larger Humboldt County community.

Duration of residency

3 weeks. Full-length stay required.  For shorter or longer stays please inquire about our artist retreat options at


Artists stay in private accommodations: we have 4 cabins and bungalows, an airstream, and a tiny house, all have a beautiful natural setting on a gorgeous 6 acres of property. Accommodations are fully equipped. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The open call is for visual artists, ceramic artists, performing arts artists, writers, and composers. Workshops, performances, and residencies are held at our beautiful 6-acre retreat center in the heart of the redwoods. We offer six residential spaces, five studio/workspaces, three outdoor performance spaces, two indoor performance spaces, outdoor community gathering areas, and plenty of space for privacy and personal reflection.

Studio / Workspace

We offer different types of workspaces: five studio/workspaces, three outdoor performance spaces, two indoor performance spaces, outdoor community gathering areas, and plenty of space for privacy and personal reflection.

Fees and support

The three-week residency is $2000 per participant. The fee covers lodging and studio workspace. It also includes a welcome dinner and a farewell dinner. It also offers if the desired opportunity to showcase work, and during the residency, several events will take place ( films and discussions, community outreach to local artists, and creative experiences). Artists are responsible for transportation to and from our residency, and meals outside of the welcome and farewell dinner. Artists are responsible for their own creative materials. The residency will help with locating art supplies as needed. This year we will be able to provide a $500 stipend to 3 selected artists with specific financial and/or project-based needs.

Expectations towards the artist

We seek artists who are caring and compassionate, who aspire to a life of peace– just and equitable to all, sustainable in the long term for all living creatures. We are asking our artists to come work on their projects in full respect of Creekside Arts’ mission: to create an environment in which creative artists and audiences interact in a positive and structured way to learn from and inform each other and then bring that learning into the larger Humboldt community. To that end, Creekside Arts are committed to equity and welcoming people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.  Artists who wish to showcase their work or perform will be offered the possibility to do so. 

Application information

Applications can be found on our website. After the June 15th application deadline, Creekside Arts will review the process and inform selected participants by July 1st.

  • Number of People:  Up to 10 artists
  • Price: $2000/artist includes fully equipped private lodging and private studio space. Does not include art supplies, food, or other incidentals.

Important Dates
Dates of Residency: Oct 1st-Oct 23rd, 2022
Application Deadline: June 15th, 2022

  • Confirmation: July 1st, 2022
  • A non-refundable deposit of $$1000 due: July15th, 2022
  • Balance due on arrival

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