Art residency in Paris-L’AiR Arts residency program

L’AiR Arts residency program grounds its commitment to the contemporary arts within a historical perspective. Located in Montparnasse, known as a historic hub for international artists during the 20th century Ecole de Paris period, our residency program is dedicated to the historical legacy of this prolific period of intercultural and artistic exchange.

​In 2021, L’AiR Arts has initiated cultural heritage project of preserving and restoring the last atelier of the prominent artists community of Cité Falguière. Following the extensive research and restoration programme, the Atelier is scheduled to reopen in 2022 as an International Arts Research Residency – keeping its original purpose and the name, Atelier 11. A new emblematic home for L’AiR Arts, the Atelier 11 residency will welcome local and international professionals for solo and duo projects, that will run parallel to international group programs, partner residencies and events open to a broader community.

The L’AiR Arts Solo/Duo Residency at Atelier 11 is designed to provide artists and cultural professionals with the opportunity to carry out artistic projects, develop their research, workshop new ideas, and build their international network. The purpose of the residency is to foster cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations between the local art ecosystem, including Paris-based artists, scholars, curators, art critics, institutions, and galleries, and international artists and cultural professionals. Residents will have the opportunity to connect with other visiting and local professionals, exchange their ideas and skills, and present their work.

The L’AiR Arts group residency programs offer an immersive and stimulating experience of intercultural exchange, research and professional development. The residency not only provides the opportunity to explore Paris and have a space in which to comfortably stay and work, it also offers an insider’s view into the important role that international artists have played in Paris from the late 19th century to the present day.

We are offering group residency opportunities on an ongoing basis, including but not limited to the following programs:
– Art Research Residency
– Drawing Research Residency
– Photography Research Residency
– Multidisciplinary Residency
– Writing Research Residency

In addition to a curated cultural programme, we make sure that there is a good balance between organized events and independent exploration of Paris. Like many artists visiting Paris from around the world, you are invited to find inspiration outside of the museums and galleries, in the city’s lesser-known cafés or back streets. There is time for artists to self-organize into small groups and explore Paris together, share experiences, ideas, and meals, forging connections not only as colleagues but as people.

Duration of residency

The solo/duo residency at Atelier 11 is from 2 weeks to 2 months. The duration and exact dates are flexible and can be coordinated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the project and availability.The duration of the group residency depends on the program and might include both physical and online components. The physical part of the residency in Paris is usually for a period of 2 – 3 weeks.


Artists can select the accommodation in either a private or shared room. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

While mostly focusing on visual arts, some sessions offer an in-depth exploration of a particular art discipline, such as drawing or photography, whereas others concentrate on the rich art history of the city and study its contemporary art scenes. The residency is focused on intercultural exchange, and although there is no expectation to produce art, we provide a shared workspace to do some small studies. Access to another specialized facility may be provided depending on the program.  Resident artists are invited to share their skills and ideas with fellow residents, during the facilitated events.

Studio / Workspace

When not busy exploring Paris, resident artists can use a designated workspace and are invited to share their skills and ideas with fellow residents.

Fees and support

As L’AiR Arts is a not-for-profit organisation, our residency fee only aims to cover the costs, already subsidized by our individual and institutional partners. Our residency fee covers all the components, from the accommodation, most meals and local transportation, to creative space and curated programming. The exact fee depends on the particular program offer, its duration, accommodation preference and funding support. Our past residencies ranged from 60 to 160 euros per day/person, with many participants obtaining assistance from various funding agencies to fully cover their residency expenses.Limited scholarship opportunities are available through our program for artists based in less economically developed countries and artists chosen by art collectors / patrons on our selection committee.All the selected candidates receive an invitation letter indicating the specific fee of their residency, which can be used for further funding search through national and international agencies. For more information, please see our Funding page.

Expectations towards the artist

To enhance the residency experience, participants are encouraged to participate in organized activities and exchange ideas with fellow residents.

Application information

L’AiR Arts online application process is free and open to artists and cultural professionals working in various disciplines, depending on the residency program. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and are short-listed for a final decision by the selection committee. 

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