Art residencies for Ukrainian artists at Graz university Austria

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In light of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the threat the war poses on civilians, including academics, the Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanization”, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz are supporting three fellows from the Ukraine to spend one semester (4 months) in Graz to conduct and present research and collaborate with other researchers.

The Ukrainian Scholars at Risk Fellowships are established to provide Ukrainian academics currently under threat due to the Russian Invasion an academic home during the war and allow them and their families to be in safety and space to continue their work. The fellowships are currently open for researchers in the fields of humanities, law and the fields covered by the overall focus of the Field of Excellence. The Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanization” deals with a broad range of processes that could be described as “Europeanization” in past and present. It focuses on the analysis of changing discourses of Europe, especially in regard to the transfer of concepts, values and ideas. The Field of Excellence explores the field of Europeanization through interdisciplinary approaches, incorporating sociology, history, geography, cultural studies, literature, law, political science, economics, theology, as well as digital methods. It currently includes 30 principal investigators from five different faculties and the inter-faculty Center for Southeast European Studies at the University. The Field of Excellence includes doctoral training, research projects and a fellowship program.

The Visiting Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of 1250 € for the duration of 4 months (March – June 2022) and travel costs to Graz (of up to 500 €). The Visiting Fellows will receive workspace, library access and will be able to participate in the activities of the Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanization”, the Faculties, and participating institutes, as well as the Centre for Southeast European Studies. 

The university will cover liability and accident insurance, while health insurance needs to be covered by fellows. Fellows will not be employed by the University of Graz.  

The fellowship is open to Ukrainian citizens and resident in Ukraine at the time of the invasion or directly affected by the war. Application should include a CV, and a motivation letter. The fellowships can be taken up immediately after being awarded.

For further questions, please contact europeanization(at)

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