An Ode to Vicky Moscholiou and Metaxourgeio

Vicky Moscholiou was a Greek singer from the Metaxourgeio district in Athens. Throughout her career, Moscholiou captivated audiences with her amazing talent and beautiful voice. Today we are excited to share a look at Vicky Moscholiou’s music and the neighborhood she came from, Metaxourgeio!

While researching Vicky Moscholiou, we came across a particularly captivating track from this artist: “Ta deilina” which I found to be absolutely moving despite my limited knowledge of her native language. Through this song, we hear many of the aspects of her skillset that made Vicky Moscholiou the larger than life figure in music that she was. Although Moscholiou passed back in 2005, her music remains for all to hear and her expansive discography is one worth exploring.

In many ways, the revitalization of Metaxourgeio serves as both a reminder of its heritage – with a history full of legendary artists like Moscholiou, among others – and a look into the future. The revitalized Metaxourgeio is a growing cultural and artistic destination in Athens, reflecting positively upon the talents of those who live there and all of their endeavors; a stirring example of an attraction to visit here is the Municipal Gallery of Athens, featuring the work of Greek artists. This reinvigorated neighborhood even ranked on Time Out’s top 50 neighborhoods of 2018, coming in at #4! While researching Metaxourgeio, I found myself entranced by the liveliness of the neighborhood’s culture and I would love to visit this wonderful, unified artistic community myself!

You can explore the world of Metaxourgeio through this photo album and we have Vicky Moscholiou’s wonderful “Ta deilina” embedded below for your listening pleasure! We hope you enjoyed this special article!

Vicky Moscholiou and Metaxourgeio

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